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REVE© – Real Estate Virtual Experience – is our range of products dedicated to the real estate sector. With REVE, we aim to develop the PropTech industry which can be defined as any technology used to modernise the Real Estate Sector.

3 products were created to answer these criteria

REVE© HOME – is a turnkey application with a full HD virtual visit, a BIM model and data about the accommodation (bank & payment plan, diagnosis, equipment, property files and notarial deeds). The application gives immediate access to all the data stored locally, accessible from your phone.

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REVE© VR – to allow consumers to get immersed thanks to a VR headset while they are visiting their future home. While they visit, customers can freely customise the housing by choosing the paintings, the floorings or the furniture.

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REVE© Online – to allow the prospect to visit a new house or flat from his internet browser and to customise it in real-time.

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SIG(AR) is our technology allowing the geo-tracking of buried networks thanks to Augmented Reality

SIG(AR) is the development of an innovative mobile solution in augmented reality, allowing the virtual vision of buried or partially buried networks thanks to augmented reality.

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This first version of the application will allow technicians or operators to virtually visualize existing buried networks. Access a number of information from existing GIS. Identify counters, nodes, sections, etc. Access component datasheet and in-situ materials.


Combineo© is the first intelligent configurator and virtual fitting app in augmented reality for home design.


Combineo© is a free augmented reality app for the general public allowing real-time virtual fitting of your furniture from your smartphone or tablet.

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Combineo © aims to improve the shopping experience thanks to a fun interface allowing access to all our referenced products, place them virtually within a space, configure them with a click and share your creations with everyone.