Perspective[S] is a start-up aimed at helping its customers from the conception stage to the creation of a prototype or a product.


The company is able to create products on demand with specific needs through NX Graphics© – a multimedia engine – created by Perspective[S]. We are able to develop and generate content in AR, VR and Web3D. Thanks to our proprietary engine, we can perfectly match your needs. Developed by our R&D team, NX Graphics© demonstrates our know-how through different technological bricks to answer specific product’s needs.


What is it?

3D web


it is about interactive 3D contents. 3D is considered as “interactive” when it is possible to act with it in real-time. If the content is automated thanks to real-time calculation, it means that the user can change whatever he wants. Thus, the content of the scene is evolving according to the actions of the user


Augmented reality


mix virtual elements in the real world through smartphones or mixed-reality headset (example: Pokemon Go, Snapchat filters)


Virtual Reality


it is a virtual 3D universe that we set up as you wish through a virtual reality headset. This device allows a perfect immersion in a virtual universe (example of use: housing visits, video games)


Our laboratory


Creation studio


– Objects modelling

– Acquisition of modelling (through scans, files…)

NX Graphics


– Customized programmation

– Possibility of developping projects

– Compatibility with Unreal and Unity

application scope


– Development of application according to the needs of the project