Digitals and Interactives Solutions

Creativity and Innovation for all imaginable platforms.

Our young and innovative company is composed of a team of specialists in several areas :


Game Dev, 3D Visualisation, Post-Production, System and Hardware Programming, Web Programming. We are currently exploring future technologies.

Experience the potential of Augmented Reality.

Redifining space with augmented reality and Tricame technology enables an intuitive and innovative experience.

Motion tracking

Area learning

Depth Perception

Personalised Services and Innovations.

We develop your project according to your wishes. Our team is here to suggest the best technological solutions in order to provide you with a full package project , research project or prototype. Together we will make your vision come true.


We define both the project and the specifications


Once satisfied with the design process we can develop your project.


We create several graphic mock up’s for your IHM.


We create a prototype which can be tested by our team.

Research and Developement

Our laboratory is a space of research and multidisciplinary developement. It’s objective is to develop visual 3D tools in order to respond to our customer’s needs.

Services for Businesses

With our propriatary algorythm and technology of our graphic engine (Nx Graphics) we offer a very broad range of services for businesses : 3D interactive solution for the web and mobile platforms, augmented reality solutions, and 2D /3D configuration designed for your specific needs.

Software Developers

Specialist in interactive systems, we develop your sofware solutions and applications on all platforms. Together we build the tools to enable your business to innovate.

The Lab and Prototyping

This area of R&D is composed of our researchers, engineers and creative minds specialised in image processing and computer vision. A combined space for graphic creation and IT developement, our graphic designers and IT developers prototype all our visual content and our multimedia programs

Our R&D department comprises a talented team of creative researchers, engineers and designers specializing in image processing and computer visuals.




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Nx Graphics is composed of several technological bricks:

Our technology

Nx Graphics is our multimedia programming engine. This is the tool that makes all of our services possible. Developed by our R & D division, it embodies our technological know-how. Composed of different modules, Nx Graphics allows the computer development of all the multimedia fields.

Nx3D – 3D rendering – Animation, Scripts, Physical states


NxVideo – Video player, network streams, video plugins, stereoscopy.


NxDevice– External Device Manager.


NxSound – Audio driver – audio flow – 3D spatialisation .


NxMocap – Gestural recognition, silhouette analysis.


NxNetwork – Multi-user and network synchronization


NxGui – Construction of user interfaces.


NxWebGL – 3D web without plugin.


NxAR – Mobile solution for Augmented Reality.


NxAnalytics – Technology for the analysis of large 3D data quantities.

Our Partners